Virtual Interview? We Have You Covered.

As technology continues to evolve, companies are keeping up! Be prepared to be asked for a virtual interview at any step of the application and interview process. 

Come prepared

Spend a few hours learning and researching the company. The time you spend beforehand can help you ultimately secure a job offer and align you with the brand. Research the company’s values, mission, vision, goals, and any recent press coverage. Carefully examine the job description and prepare to highlight your past accomplishments that meet the requirements for the role. Prepare and remember your stories from the past that synchronize yourself with the specific responsibilities and qualifications of this prospective position. 

Dress to impress

You may be at home but your attire and the interview space should be appropriate. Generally any job interview will call for you to wear professional, business attire. Professional attire will show you’re serious about the position and can give you personal benefits as well. In general, we find it is better to overdress than to underdress, if you’re unsure. Research the company’s general office attire ahead of time and make sure you are a step above their typical day to day. 

Test your technology

As soon as you agree to a virtual interview, start testing to make sure you’re set up for success at the time of the interview. Have a friend or peer role play with you using the same software if possible to confirm that your microphone, camera, and speakers work properly and that you understand the platform. Also, be sure to test your technology, internet connection, and speed. All of these steps will prevent you fumbling around during the interview and potentially seeming unprofessional or wasting the time of your potential employer.  Setup your screen with a natural, flattering angle to ensure a professional interaction.

Organize your interview space and arrive early

When it comes to webcam interviews you need to prepare your space. Choose a quiet spot where you’ll be the only person visible and audible. Keep the background as simple as possible with a plain wall or minimal items that cause a distraction. If possible, position yourself with natural light showing on your face from in front of you so that your face is well lit. 

Minimize distractions

Let everyone know that you need the time of the interview for absolute distraction-free silence. This includes noise from outside, lawnmowers, dogs, and TV in the background. Look directly into the camera during the meeting. Looking away or at the image on the screen can be distracting for the interviewer. When you are answering a question, look directly at the camera rather than at the computer screen.