Conduct An Online Interview Like a Pro

The truth is we are all getting used to the new normal of online interviewing. The sooner you embrace the nuances of the process, the better. After years of seeing virtual interviews conducted poorly and effectively, I wanted to share a few of my favorite tips. 

Treat it like a regular interview

The more you treat the process like a regular interview, the more the candidate will feel comfortable and be able to be authentic. With the implementation and ease of webcam interviews, online interviews are quickly becoming the new norm. The process can be frustrating when the technology doesn’t work or there are alot of nerves in the room from either side. Do your best to prepare ahead of time so you can be relaxed and set a natural tone for the interview.                                

Create a process

Create a process ahead of time that makes the experience seamless and effective. Take time to prepare questions that would apply to all candidates and have follow up questions from there. Destress before the interview and make sure all the technology is working correctly on your end to prevent unnecessary snags. 

Send the candidate a detailed invitation

Once you schedule the interview, send a detailed email invitation. The invitation should include the following: date and time of the interview, how to resolve any problems you’ve seen in the past with the interview platform, the purpose of the interview, and typical interview length. You can also use this as an opportunity to share company information 

Choose a good interview environment

The background should be professional, and free of distractions. If you are currently working from home, make sure to alert the members of your family so they know you need a quiet uninterrupted space during your meeting. It’s just as important for the company’s image that you approach the interview with as much care and preparation as if you were the interviewee. Ensure that there will not be distractions such as lawnmowers, people, pets, or television noises in the background. 


Prepare your questions for the candidate ahead of time to reference. Ask the candidate if they have any questions about the process before you get started. Ask for permission to record the interview or bring along someone else to take notes for you.