Set the Tone for Your New Career

You applied, interviewed, and were chosen for the part – congratulations! You made it; you passed the test. However, your preparation for this role is not over once you’re hired.. You can follow these simple 6 steps to get your new role started on the right foot: get your sleep in, prepare for your interactions, confirm you are onboarded and ready, practice the drive or your technology, dress the part, and continue your company research. 

Get your sleep in

Getting a good night’s rest before your first day will set you up for success. If you’re out of a routine, take the week beforehand to start changing your internal clock. The extra time spent resting will be useful once you start going in early and staying late at your new role. 

Prepare for your interactions

Prepare for all your upcoming first-time interactions. You’ll never have a second chance to make those first impressions, so definitely make the best of it! Go back through your notes and be sure to remember anyone you have already met during the interview process so you can address them by name. Get a notepad and pen for your back pocket. As you meet new team members, jot down their name and memorable notation to ensure that you will be able to pair the name and face later. In your communications, you’ll want to avoid oversharing about your previous company and what you used to do there. 

Confirm you are onboarded and ready

Make sure you have everything with you that they specifically asked for. These items could include: your passport, I.D., drivers license, proof of your address, etc. You can follow up with a quick email to your employer as well confirming when and where you will meet on the first day, your excitement for the new opportunity, and lastly if there is anything you could read up on in the meantime. 

Practice the drive or your technology 

Map out your route to the office beforehand through Google maps. If you wake up on your first day and realize you don’t know where you’re going, chances are you’ll be rushing around and may be late. Look at the directions, distances, and overall travel time so you won’t be surprised. If your position is remote or from home, spend additional time getting familiar with the software, programs, and webcam functionality. 

Dress the part

Now is a great time for a wardrobe refresh! Plan to buy a few new outfits that you can mix and match to meet the culture and dress code of your new environment. Your fresh apparel gives you confidence and lets them know you took the time to look the part. Remember to always dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

Continue your company research 

Make sure you re-read through any contracts, introduction packets, or emails you were sent from the company. You want to fully understand and have completed all necessary instructions. While you were interviewing, you spent time researching the company background. Now is a great time to brush up and dig deeper. What are the company’s values, objectives, goals, accomplishments, and any interesting projects or products underway? Keep those topics at top of mind for follow up and interest when you have the opportunity.