The O3 Approach to Make Your Boss’ Job Easier

Today I had a call with a new client looking for an engineer to add to their team in the highly competitive San Francisco Bay area. I asked him the very simple question, “What is the main trait you’re seeking in this candidate?” He laughed and replied, “I’m just looking for someone who is going to make my job easier!” That sums up so many calls from the past and reminds me the importance of being that model employee and the challenge of finding that initiative-driven talent to join your team! Check out the top three actions that I call the “O3 approach”.

  1. Offer Solutions

Everyone on the team knows about the challenges they are facing. Enter each conversation, interview, or board room armed with solutions. Highlight the challenge and then offer the path to recovery. This standpoint and approach easily will differentiate the leaders from the followers.

  1. Orient your actions towards the company goals

Stay laser-focused on the team goals. When you’re making decisions and completing tasks throughout the day it can be easy to think of your own goals and forget about the goals for your team or boss. Make it your personal agenda to understand the upcoming projects, numbers, goals, and deadlines your boss and team is accountable for. Let your boss know that you want to help achieve his or her goals and ask what you can do to support. Once you really understand, you’ll be set up for success in producing the results that support their success.

  1. Overcommunicate

Never let your boss be blindsided by bad news. They are not going to appreciate the bad news coming from somewhere else. If you have a disgruntled client that could sidestep you with feedback, alert your boss! Let them be part of the solution so they don’t hear about it from elsewhere.

When you are working hard to make your boss’ job easier, then you will naturally excel! If you’re looking for a candidate like this, reach out to our team at A1A Recruiting.