Is Anyone Reading Your Resume?

What are you doing to make sure that your resume is seen? Do you feel like you’re applying to tons of positions but no one is getting back to you? Make some changes in your delivery, and I am I confident you’ll have a better result!

Follow the companies

Do you already know your dream companies? Make sure you’re following them on all the social media platforms so you know the most recent updates on the company. You’ll also see when they’re hiring if they aren’t right now. If you do get an interview, you’ll have tons of talking points for your conversations with the team! You can also use that information as a conversation starter when you reach out directly to the hiring managers!

Reach out directly to hiring managers

After you apply for the position, find a way to reach out personally as well. Often the hiring manager for the position is listed on the job posting. Find their information on LinkedIn, and send them a targeted message. You can state something personalized about their position or something about them! Reaching out to them with a thoughtful note after submitting your resume helps you to stand out.

Network locally

Join groups and local networking opportunities. When you have a personal connection with someone from a company, that makes all the difference! Take the time to build these relationships. You may not have an immediate response, but you’ll plant the seeds for something fruitful down the line!

Adjust your resume to fit the position

Your resume may be perfectly tailored to your current position, but not necessarily for the positions you’re applying to. Take time to match your resume to the specific position you’re applying to. This can be a laborious process! If you’re overwhelmed and not sure where to start, reach out to Nicholas Crown at They make the resume adjustment process seamless and effective!

Connect with a recruitment firm

If you haven’t worked with a recruitment firm before, now is a great time! Recruiters take the time to get to know you, what you’re looking for, and match you with the right position. When a recruiter presents you to a company, your resume is guaranteed to be seen by the hiring manager! The recruiter has already built a relationship with the hiring manager and company, they already know what the deal breakers are for the role, and they’ll only present you if you fit. Feel free to comment here or reach out to me directly for more info!