Unemployed? Start Your Job Search Now

The job search can be overwhelming, frustrating, and tiresome.  The best time to start getting set up is now. Here are some tips to get you on the right track.

Don’t wait to start your job search

The job search can be far lengthier than you initially anticipate. Finding the right position and then receiving an offer isn’t always fast. The right time to start your search and research is right now! Planning this time can be hard if you are currently working. 

Schedule time on your personal calendar every day to (spend) actively work(ing) on your job search so that it becomes a habit. Each of the various steps of the process takes time and thoughtful consideration: creating the perfect resume, building a network, getting started in social media, and researching to find the best position/company. 

Narrow job applications to specific industries and roles

Figure out the top three most important things to you in a role and then start to follow companies that embody your values and goals. Are you looking for a new position or to transition to a new industry? Next you can focus on the industries and companies that would be an ideal cultural fit with salaries and benefits that fit your needs. 

Casting a narrow net can seem counterintuitive but the best success will come when you closely target the specific roles and industries that truly excite you. When you have that focused approach, you’ll be organized with a tight network, and your technical and transferable skills really get the chance to shine. 

Prepare for when your company is hiring

The key to an effective job search lies primarily on upfront planning. Your ideal company may not be hiring now, your ideal position may be closed, or you may lack the requirements. Use this time to be ready! If they aren’t hiring now, follow them on social media platforms and online to get updates when this status changes. Change your current activity to align with the position so you can reapply in the future and you’ll be ready. 

In the meantime, start with the company website. Read their “About Us” page and get to know the team, vision, mission, and values that they uphold. Conduct Google searches on them and find company news from the past and present so you can read it and relate to it. Identify their competitors to understand their market position. Find and follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter to get updates and stay informed about their trends and activities.