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Re-Open For Business Safely

Re-Open For Business Safely

Covid-19 has sparked uncertainty among both patrons and staff. Take every possible precaution offered to create a safe environment. Refer to your local leaders and the Center for Disease Control for specific guidelines as they continue to update for your city, state, and nation. Employ some of these best practices in addition to their requirements to set yourself up for long-term success.

Create a wellness program to monitor health

Create programs to monitor the health of your team and ensure you value their wellness. Follow and implement basic hygiene practices like proper handwashing, frequent cleaning of the workplace, and proper and safe sanitation. Design regular health check-ups and formulate a coronavirus management policy to handle any case that is found positive. 

Create a culture of care

Involve your team in the plan to ensure you have total buy in. You need to explain to them how much you care about their individual safety and the safety of the team.The team must ensure that they themselves abide by the safety guidelines, but also that they remind their colleagues if they see any violations. Welcome the open communication among the team and reward good behavior. 

Make good hygiene easy

Add hand sanitizing stations throughout the office wherever hand contact may be necessary. Install foot open doors wherever possible around the office to minimize high touch surface areas. Create social distancing markings in heavily trafficked areas and signage that reminds the team to stay 6 feet apart. Implement mandatory mask wearing for staff. 

Rethink that open floor plan

The open floor plan that once offered teamwork and collaboration can now be dangerous if not properly distanced. Consider adding in borders and barricades wherever possible to segregate the team. Limit all meeting and gathering sizes to 10 or less team members, and offer remote options for meetings wherever possible. 

Adjust employee schedules

End the traditional 9am-5pm in times to ensure everyone is not trafficking in the same area simultaneously. Make use of rotational shifts with staggered in and out times. Implement limitations on the amount of people that can be congregating in the breakroom at any given time. 

Improve ventilation

Hire a company to run tests on the overall ventilation in your building and each office space. Make adjustments to improve the overall circulation and incorporate as much natural air flow as possible.